Things have been really quiet recently, mostly work, more work and lots of playing silly computer games in between those times.

I will note; i'm pretty lonely up here I only get to see like a half dozen different folk each week and whilst they are all pretty awesome, it's the whole weird furry subculture thing taht makes me stick out like a sore thumb.

I've not even mentioned to any of them the diaper thing, gosh that probably wouldn't go down so well...


I mentioned it here? o.O well ... I'll see if anyone asks me about it but ... probably not.

I'm going to go to Denmark, visit Makenshi in October, that should be nice and snuggly at least.

Until then, feel free to mail me or chat to me, i'll be delighted for the company.

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Going around the sun, never was quite so much fun, when you are ill in bed with a pounding sore head.

Bleeeeh :(
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I nudged myself just to see what all the fuss is about.

It's not that bad;

* Only mutual friends can nudge you
* The e-mail is really short

So ... kudos LJ!

In other news...




Wonder how my commish is coming along...
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Issa me!!!

Fankers to hdofu for a wishing me a happy birthday, mostly I don't do the real life birthday thing, it's never been such a huge deal for me.

Anywho, great to see ya all still out there in internetland, hope today is finding you all well.

Oooh and I now have a super anti-zombie plan, windup radio/torch/generator in case of emergancies.

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It's 9C outside and pitch black.

It's so very nice and warm in the office just now as well, it's that perfect temprature where you feel all relaxed and happy despite the madness that's happening around you.
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Uh yeah.

Fangkit deleted his Livejournal.

I don't know why either...

Have to try talk to him later and make sure everythink is cool.

Once again lots of peebs I know are having problems and I really would love to help them out but have no idea how to for most.

*snugs* to everyone.
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